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Financial Fitness: Making Choices Not Sacrifices

Making Financial Choices
Making Financial Choices

“Sacrifice” is not necessarily a happy word. Many people associate sacrifice with giving up something you desperately want. “Choice” is a more positive term. It’s a sense of freedom that allows you to decide what option or path you’d like to choose. When you’re looking at making financially responsible changes in your life, you’re not talking about making sacrifices. You’re talking about making choices. You have the freedom to make the choices that are important to you.

If you decide to cook healthy, home-cooked meals rather than eat expensive meals out, you’re making a choice. You’re choosing a more cost-effective meal option so you can save money for something else. If you choose the convenience of eating many meals out, you’re choosing to find savings in other areas. You don’t have to sacrifice experiences you love to save money. You simply choose which experiences are most important to you.

Sometimes your choices are a little more difficult. You may have to choose between carrying a balance on your credit card or skipping a family vacation.  You may have to choose whether you let your child try out an expensive activity now or put that money away for future college expenses. If your financial situation changes, you may even have to choose to sell your home or dip into your retirement account to keep up with the mortgage.

Just know, what you do with the money you have is a choice. You decide, and you reap the rewards or consequences of each choice. Become more financially fit by making the choices that will bring you financial security in the long run.

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