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College Costs: Free Entertainment

Free Entertainment
Free Entertainment

In your first year of college you will learn many important life lessons. You’ll learn to share space respectfully with a stranger. You’ll learn quarters are very coveted coins (especially when you run out of clean underwear). You’ll learn that money goes very quickly when you have to buy your own food and toiletries. So after paying $1.50/load for laundry and dropping $50 on shampoo, conditioner, soap, and grocery staples, you might not have much leftover for “fun” money.

That’s okay. Built into your tuition and/or housing is funding for student activities. You’ve probably seen posters for some of these activities around campus or in university-wide emails. Your college could be hosting anything from magicians and hypnotists to country and rock concerts. Best of all—these events are almost always free for students.

Not to mention the other activities that may already be included in your tuition, like:

  • College fitness center memberships
  • Entrance to campus sporting events
  • School-funded clubs and organizations
  • Programs hosted at your dorm

And activities you can do for free in the surrounding community, like:

  • Community service/volunteer work
  • Local parks and hiking trails
  • Window shopping

If you’re bored and broke, look harder. Colleges and communities typically spend a lot of time and money making sure there are free or low-cost programs available to you. If you’re really set on going out to dinner and buying a movie ticket, consider ways to increase your income.

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