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What’s safer than cash, more convenient than checks, and useful for managing your budget? A Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Card from Centra!

Here’s How It Works

A Reloadable Prepaid Card is convenient and easy to use because it works like a debit card without the requirement of linking to a checking account.

  1. Load money to your prepaid card online by using the links below, by phone at 1-866-760-3156, at any Centra branch, or with Direct Deposit.
  2. Use your card to make purchases, pay bills, or get cash at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide.
  3. Relax, knowing you’ve got easy access to your money.
  4. Reload your card at any time.

Get A Visa® Reloadable Card Order or Manage Your Card

It works just like a Visa® Debit Card—only without the need for a checking account or the usual credit check. Just load up your Reloadable Prepaid Card and use it to make purchases, pay bills, and get cash at more than a million ATMs worldwide.

Visa® Reloadable Student Cards Order or Manage Your Student Card

Give your kids financial freedom and teach them money management skills at the same time. No credit checks required!

  • Students can use their Visa® Reloadable Student Card for everyday purchases at stores, online or by phone.
  • Parents can keep track of card usage and manage the amount loaded to the card.

The Visa® Reloadable Travel Card Order or Manage Your Travel Card

This card is your passport to stress-free travel! It’s safe, convenient, and can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted worldwide. You can get your card replaced if it’s lost or stolen, and you can limit spending to the amount on your card.

Get Your Reloadable Card Today

Order online or stop by any Centra branch location to pick up your reloadable card today.

To report your reloadable card as lost or stolen please call 1-866-760-3156.