Online Banking

You're busy. You don't always have time to pay bills by hand. Luckily, there's a better way. Centra Credit Union's online Bill Payer lets you pay bills online, in less time than it takes to address a single envelope.  
Online Bill Payer has a number of benefits:  

  • Saves paper
  • Saves stamps
  • Same-day payment option*
  • Payments can be scheduled in advance
  • No risk of checks getting lost in the mail
    With online Bill Payer, you can even choose to receive bills online. A $4.95 monthly fee is charged only when a member enrolled in BillPayer doesn't pay at least one bill per month. 
    Account to Account Transfers 
    Transfer money from a different U.S. financial institution to your Centra account. Just look for the Transfer Money Tab once you're in Bill Payer.  
    Enroll in Bill Payer Today 
    Discover more about Bill Payer and watch a demo, or sign up for Bill Payer today. Just log in to CentraLink and select the “Bill Payment” button in the top menu, then choose “Enrollment Options”  
    Have questions about Bill Payer, or want to open a Centra account? Contact Centra or visit your local Centra office today.  
    * A $9.50 charge will apply. 

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