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You care about your health. But you care about your money, too. Why should you pay taxes on money that goes toward healthcare expenses? 
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) provide the flexibility of a regular checking account with the tax advantages of an Individual Retirement Plan. 
HSA Checking accounts include debit cards for easy payments of medical expenses. 
What is an HSA? 
An HSA let you deposit pre-tax dollars* into an insured HSA checking account. You can then use these pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses that apply to your deductible, or for qualified medical expenses not covered by health insurance. These may include:  
Contact lenses  
Dental and orthodontic services  
Certain types of alternative medicine  
Long-term care insurance  
Non-prescription drugs  
COBRA insurance  
Healthcare premiums for individuals receiving unemployment compensation 
HSA contributions are tax-free. Plus, contributions carry over each year, so you never lose unspent money. 
Am I eligible for an HSA?  
To open a Centra HSA account, you must have a high-deductible healthcare plan (at least $1,200** for an individual plan and $2,400** for a family plan.) Total HSA contributions cannot exceed $3,050 for individuals and $6,150 for family plans. 
Get Started Today 
Open an HSA account today by contacting Centra or visiting your local Centra office.  
*Consult a tax advisor. 
** As of 2010.  

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