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Centra Foundation Scholarships

2018 Loretta M. Burd Scholarship Winners!

Teaming up with Teachers

Are you ready for Round 2?

Easter 2018

2018 Centra Easter Egg Hunt Recap

The Major Retirement Planning Mistakes

The Major Retirement Planning Mistakes

Why Having a Financial Professional Matters

Why Having a Financial Professional Matters

Financial Myth Buster: I Don’t Earn Enough To Save!

Businessman talking on cell phone in city and celebrating

We’ve Got A Member For Life!

Girl looking for colleges

Tips for Success: The Scholarship Search

Bad Money Habits to Break In 2018

Thank You!

We’re Saying Thank You In A Big Way!

Mixed Race Woman Reading

One Unbelievable Statistic and How To Avoid Being Part Of It

Two Millennials Talking Business

One Major Financial Mistake Millennials Make

Income tax papers

Tax Deductions Gone in 2018

hand writing New Year's Resolutions

Five Financial New Year’s Resolutions You May Want to Consider

Centra’s Holiday Giving Campaign Supports Hundreds Of Children In Need

Five Ways to Cut Costs While Christmas Shopping

Young woman looking down at smartphone

Why You Get Charged When Shopping Amazon And Other Online Vendors

Five Ways To Stay On Budget At The Grocery Store

For Immediate Release: Centra Credit Union To Donate $100,000 To Local Non-Profits

Time Management

10 Skills You Need To Master To Manage Time Like An Adult

Side Gigs You Could Do Easily For Extra Money

Five Tips for Paying Off Student Loan Debt Early

Making Friends As an Adult: Challenging But Not Impossible

A Fun Fall Bucket List That Won’t Break The Bank

Two Really Cool Things You Might Not Know About Centra

Kane Robbins Named New Mortgage Loan Originator

Equifax Inc. Announces Security Breach

Never Worry About Paying Bills On Time Again!

Local, Family-Owned Company Chosen to Construct New Centra Branch

Three Steps To Organizing Your Bills

A Few Easy Tricks To Help You Stop Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Five Ways to Keep Your Debit Card Safe

Why You Should Be Checking Your Credit Score Yearly And How To Do It – A Guest Post

One Easy Way to Build Great Credit

How To Ace The First 90 Days On The Job

So You Missed a Payment? We Can Help!

That One Time Centra Gave $6,400 to Local Teachers

Christmas In July

You Can Save For All The Things (And It Won’t Even Be That Hard!)

25 Ways You Should Be Adulting By 25

Member Appreciation

Retirement Doesn’t Just Happen. Make A Plan.

Six Steps To Managing Your Budget Like An Adult

East Scholarship Winners

2017 Loretta M. Burd Scholarship Winners

Guest Post: Rent vs. Buy

Five Tips for Raising Money Savvy Kids

Don’t Accept a Job Offer Without Reading This First

Six Easy Ways to Save For Your Emergency Fund

Centra Employee Retires After 55 Years

Centra Community Easter Egg Hunt Recap

Tax Returns

Put Your Tax Return To Work With These Tips

One New Way We’re Staying Centered Around You

Five Tips for Buying A Home This Spring

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances

Get An A+ On Saving For College

Centra Executive Named United Way Bartholomew County Advocate Of The Year

Todd Lancaster Named VP Of Business Services

We’re Eliminating These Immediately

Travel On A Budget With These Tips

Sync Up About Finances

Use Your Tax Return Wisely With These Tips

Securing A Mortgage With Centra

What Is A Credit Union?

Centra’s 52 Weeks of Savings Challenge

opening a bank account

Questions You Should Ask When Opening a New Bank Account

10 Free and Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

TJ Blair Named New Assistant Vice President of Accounting

Increase the Value of Your Home Quickly With These Updates

Tanya Montgomery Named Centra Mortgage Loan Originator

Fun All Activites

Budget-Friendly Fall Activities

grocery bag and calculator

Summer Savings: Double-Check Your Discount

Summer Savings: Spending Vacation

Summer of Savings: Comparing Credit Cards

Centra Named Business of the Year

Financial Fun: Three Ways to Enjoy Luxuries For Less

Financial Fun: 5 Ways to Reward Yourself for FREE

Financial Fun: Finding the Alternative

Financial Fun: New Ways to Save

Flex Your Finances: Schedule a Money Review

Flex Your Finances: The Tax Refund

Flex Your Finances: Make Your Goals Clear

Flex Your Finances: Prioritizing Saving

Financial Fitness: Making Choices Not Sacrifices

family of three with arms in the air

Financial Fitness: Living Below Your Means

Financial Fitness: Build Your Emergency Savings

Financial Fitness: Kick Starting Your Resolution

Protecting Your Account: Debit Card Fraud

Do you plan to get a big federal tax refund?

Budgeting for Food the Easy Way

Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Money

Smart Money Habits Can Start Young

Don’t Fall for the Food Fads

Budget Recovery: Keeping Up with Your Friends

Budget Recovery: Dipping Into Savings

Budget Recovery: Un-Break the Bank

College Costs: Don’t Spring Break-the-Bank

College Costs: The True Cost of Repeating a Course

College Costs: Free Entertainment

College Costs: 4 Tips to Save on Textbooks

College Costs: 3 Ways to Save on Dorm Supplies

Credit History

Credit Corrector: 4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit Corrector: Why is my credit score so low?

Credit Corrector: Why does my credit history matter?

Mortgage Matters: Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Mortgage Matters: Discount Points

Mortgage Matters: Get a Good Look

Mortgage Matters: Your Property Appraisal

Mortgage Matters: 15 years or 30 years

Young Family Packing Boxes

Mortgage Matters: Escrow Accounts

Mortgage Matters: Why Work with a Realtor

Mortgage Matters: If It’s Too Good to be True…

Mortgage Matters: Sweat Equity Vs. Peace of Mind

Mortgage Matters: Credit Scores and Loan Rates

The Application

Mortgage Matters: The Application

Mortgage Matters: Choosing a Home

Mortgage Matters: Mortgage Terms to Know

Mortgage Matters: Low Down Payments

Choosing the Right Remodel

How a HELOC Can Help

What is a HELOC?

Avoid Budgeting Pitfalls: Only Setting Long Term Goals

Avoiding Budget Pitfalls: The Small Stuff

Avoid Budgeting Pitfalls: Disappearing Cash

Avoid Budgeting Pitfalls: The Summer Splurge

Avoid Budgeting Pitfalls: The Wasted Raise

Budgeting for Goals: Your First Home

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Centra Continues to Grow in River Ridge

Budgeting for Goals: A New (Or New to You) Car

Budgeting for Goals: Vacation

Budgeting for Goals: Paying Down Debt

Budgeting Basics: Check Your Savings

Budgeting Basics: Cutting Your Spending

Budgeting Basics: Where to Start

Realistic Resolutions in 2015

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