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Adulting is hard. Centra makes it easier.

Life can be complex at times. Centra works hard to un-complicate it, with things like Bill Payer (a free service) and Digital Payments to quickly and securely pay bills from your phone or other mobile device.

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10 ways to make adulting easier


Setting up a budget is easy once you start recording your daily expenses.

Apps like Spending, Wallet and Pocket Expense are simple to use and give you a daily, weekly, monthly picture of what you spent.


Set reasonable goals for yourself says Kelly Williams Brown, author of “Adulting.”


Kelly also says to buy toilet paper in bulk.


Store food properly to make your groceries last longer.

Bananas stay fresh on the counter; apples are better in the ‘frig. Keep berries uncovered in the crisper.


Un-clutter your closet and your life.

Get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit and doesn’t work, including relationships!


Going to a business dinner party?

Ask what you can bring. If the host says “nothing,” bring something anyhow – dessert or flowers are safe bets.


Do laundry before you run out of socks or undies!

(Have a back up pair, just in case).


Seven to 9 hours of sleep are recommended.

The website has a bedtime calculator that can tell you the right bedtime and wake up time.


When interviewing for a job, show up on time or a few minutes early (no more than 10).

And send a thank you note afterwards.


Prepare a one page resume

– and short, punchy cover letter – that sell YOU, even if you love your job.

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