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The YOU Card

CU Rewards

If you receive points for using The YOU Card or the Visa Platinum credit card, visit to check your point balance, browse the CURewards Mall, or redeem points for merchandise, travel, gift cards and cash back.

First Time Signing In?

The first time you sign in, you’ll need to visit the New Member┬ásection at Enter your 16-digit Member Loyalty Rewards (MLR) number (this number will be 110007 + your Centra account number, preceded by as many zeroes as needed to make the account number 10 digits) and answer a few security questions.

For instance:

If your account number is 12345, your new MLR number would be 110007 0000012345.

If your account number is 1234567, your new MLR number would be 110007 0001234567.

If your account number is 1234567890, your new MLR number would be 110007 1234567890.

Once you have registered with your MLR number and set your username and password to get into the CU Rewards system, you will be able to go back to the site and just enter your username and password from then on.

Visit now.

Apply for a Credit Card

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