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Centered Around You 
Centered Around You. That's the Centra promise. It's about the difference you can experience by being a Centra member. It's about the relationships we have with our members, the ways you can benefit through saving money with lower fees and market-leading deposit and loan rates, by being better informed and having more options. And it's about the fact that our members are the reason for everything we do.  
Centra is financially strong. We provide a full range of personal and business financial services to meet your financial goals and needs. We're involved in our communities. And we've made a total commitment to provide value to our members, who own us. 
Since its start, Centra has grown to 127,000 members with assets of more than $1 billion. Doug Harris serves as Centra's president. Twenty-two office locations serve communities in Indiana, New York, and North Carolina. The credit union employs more than 285 people. 
Take advantage of the benefits of banking with Centra! Become a Centra member today. Contact us at 800-232-3642 option 4 or visit your local Centra office to get started. 
The History of Centra Credit Union 
For more than 70 years, Centra Credit Union has been known for its commitment to quality service. Its roots lie in Columbus, Indiana, where eight employees of the Cummins Engine Company founded the Cummins Employees Federal Credit Union. Their goal: to identify a source of low-cost credit and a convenient place to save their hard-earned money. 
At their first organizational meeting, these employees set credit union policies, including a maximum deposit of $7.50 per week and an unsecured loan limit of $25. A charter was granted on October 31, 1940. 
In 1995, the name was changed to Centra Federal Credit Union, reflecting the company's growth and diversity. The credit union became state-chartered in 1997 and is known today as Centra Credit Union. 

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