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Easily Customize Your Account Name in Seconds!

Did you know you can add a nickname to your account right from Online Banking?* This means you can easily label your accounts based on how you use them. If you have multiple savings accounts, now is a great time to add nicknames.

Effective May 17, 2021, Vacation, Special, and Christmas Savings accounts will become You Choose Savings. That means your account names will update in Online Banking, so you might have trouble telling them apart. To avoid this, you can add a nickname to your account!

Before May 17, log into Online Banking and nickname your accounts to Vacation, Special, Christmas, or whatever name works for you.

Follow these easy steps to add a nickname to an account in Online Banking:

1. Log into Online Banking.

2. Select ‘My Accounts.’

3. Choose ‘My Account Summary.’

4. Click on the account that you want to rename.

5. Select ‘Change’ below the current nickname in the Account Details.

6. Enter the new nickname, click ‘Save’ and repeat for the rest of your accounts.