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Explore Our New Corporate Headquarters Building

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Virtual Tour of CCHQ Interior

Your health and safety are our top priorities, so we made the decision not to host an open house for the new Centra Corporate Headquarters (CCHQ) this year. But we still want to share this exciting milestone with our Members, so we got creative!

With our CCHQ virtual tour, you can walk through the new building any way you want. Feel free to stay for as long as you like, get comfy from home, and relax while you explore room-by-room. Check out some of the options on the bottom to view the building from a doll house or floorplan view. Be sure to look out for some key features of the building that accommodate and encourage Team Member wellness like bike racks, showers, and wellness rooms.

More features will be added to the virtual tour after construction is complete. You can look forward to exploring exterior features of the building like the roof covered in live succulents that can be seen from the inside of the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Progress of Construction

Construction of the new CCHQ building is complete, and our construction crew is currently working on the parking and landscaping.

The building’s living succulent roof captures rainwater, which drains into the bioswale, and empties into a detention pond toward the back corner of the building. The bioswale will be full of native, water-tolerant plants.

A new parking area is being built on top of the old building, and excess dirt from the detention pond was used to fill in the basement. This leveled the ground for more parking, and once the lot is complete, more Team Members will be able to relocate, while still following proper social distancing.