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Updates to Online and Mobile Banking are coming soon!

Online and mobile update
Online and mobile update

We are excited to announce that Online and Mobile Banking are getting a refresh with new dashboard icons! Along with these bright new icons, you will find two new tiles for ‘Centra News, Financial Education, and Tools’ and ‘Special Offers.’ These two new tiles can help you quickly find useful resources and our newest promotions.

When these changes go live, a new Centra Mobile app version will be available. This app update will include the following additional improvements and additions:

  • A new navigation ribbon at the bottom of the screen so you can quickly open Bill Pay or start a transfer.
  • Updated login screen with ‘Call Us’ and ‘Touch ID’ added so you can log in faster or give us a call with just a couple taps.
  • Streamlining of some navigation options.
  • Bug fixes, including a solution for Android Fingerprint Recognition.
  • Single sign-on for our new CardControl app so you can control when, where, and how your debit cards are used—without having to remember another username or password!

CardControl will launch with the app update. Learn more about CardControl here:

If you don’t have automatic updates set-up for the Centra Mobile app, you will need to visit your App Store to complete the update. Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye on your email to hear when this exciting update is live!

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