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A genius way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

graphic of hand putting a heart into a piggy bank
graphic of hand putting a heart into a piggy bank

Certificates are not included in the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Top Five Valentine’s Day Purchases, but we think they should be! 

Consumers are expected to spend a total of $24.7 billion on Valentine’s Day celebrations this year. With the NRF estimating that 55% of consumers will celebrate, that averages out to just under $197 per person!

Do you plan on spending your bonus or tax refund this Valentine’s Day, or will you put that money in a certificate and reap the benefits later? Visit a local branch or schedule an appointment to open a certificate today!

Here are the top five Valentine’s Day gifts, the percentages of consumers who bought them, and how much consumers spent in total.1



Billions Spent

Candy 52% $2.4
Greeting cards 43% $1.3
Evening out 34% $4.3
Flowers 37% $2.3
Jewelry 21% $5.8


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