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Five Financial New Year’s Resolutions You May Want to Consider

New Years resolutions
New Years resolutions

Like many people, you may be thinking about how you can make the new year the best one yet with New Year’s Resolutions. You might be thinking of health goals (who isn’t?), or career goals, but have you considered creating some financial goals?

We’ve got some we think you should consider:

  1. Stop emotional buying. You’ve heard of emotional eating, but what about emotional buying? Yes, it’s a thing and it’s a thing that can get you in deep water quick. Very few items are going to sell out if you don’t buy them the minute you see them. Get in the habit of thinking things over – maybe even leaving the store and returning later – before making purchases.
  2. Start investing in your future. If you think of investing as something only people with a lot of money do, you probably aren’t alone. However, the truth of the matter is that anyone can invest, even if it’s just with a few dollars a month. Centra can help you make wise investment choices and even if they’re small, you’ll be making steps in the right direction for your future.
  3. Make reviewing your bank account a habit. Whether you check your account daily online, or just watch for monthly statements, you should be checking it regularly. If you don’t, you might miss things like fraudulent charges, or overcharges.
  4. Increase your credit score. Credit scores are important for lots of reasons. If you ever want to get a loan, you’ll need a decent credit score. Occasionally, employers even look at credit scores to gauge each candidate’s level of responsibility. Work on raising yours this year by paying a little extra on your debts, getting your debt down lower and paying your bills on time.
  5. Save. We already mentioned investing, but saving and investing are two different things. A good rule of thumb is to always have three months of expenses tucked away for a rainy day. You could be really thankful you worked toward this goal down the road!

These are just some of the many financial New Year’s Resolutions you could set to put yourself on a great financial path. Have questions about how you can invest, or which savings account is right for you? Visit your nearest Centra location. We can help!

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