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Never Worry About Paying Bills On Time Again!

man paying bills on laptop
You know those bills you have every single month? The ones that are the same amount month after month after month? Those are the perfect bills to set up on Centra’s online BillPayer so you never have to worry about them again! Oh, and don’t forget about Centra’s PopMoney tool that makes paying friends and family a seamless process! What is BillPayer? BillPayer is a feature of online and mobile banking. With BillPayer, you can set up recurring payments so you don’t have to worry about remembering when your payment is due. You can even choose to receive your bills online. Don’t worry, if you need to get your payment there fast, you can make your payment last minute with the same-day payment option. You’ll just have to pay an additional $9.50. How Can You Sign Up?
  • Log in to CentraLink Online Banking
  • Select the Bill Payment button in the top menu
  • Choose Enrollment Options
Need To Pay A Friend? Perhaps, instead of needing to pay a bill, you need to pay a friend for a pizza you split or a cab fare you agreed to share. This is when Centra’s Popmoney tool comes in handy! With Popmoney, all you need is a friend’s email address or mobile account number, plus access to your account online. The money will transfer to your friend’s account in one day and the fee is only $0.50. If you need help setting up BillPayer or Popmoney, don’t fret! Just stop in to one of your nearest Centra locations and a Centra representative will be happy to help so you don’t have to worry about those reoccurring bills again! (Oh, and don’t forget to check this out to make sure you have the right Centra checking account for you!)

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