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How To Ace The First 90 Days On The Job

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The first 90 days of a new job are very important. It’s that window of time when everyone is watching (including your boss) to see what kind of an employee and person you really are. Here’s how you can make the best impression and the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time:

  • Practice listening more than you talk. You will probably have a lot to learn when you start your new job. Of course, if you have a suggestion that you think your superiors can’t live without, it’s okay to offer it up. Still though, make talking more than listening the exception and not the rule in those first 90 days. It will show everyone that you’re humble enough to listen and that you really want to learn.
  • Learn names and titles. Calling people by their first names not only shows respect, but it shows that you’re interested enough in them and what they do to remember their name. In addition to learning job titles, it would also be helpful to know what they mean and how you might work together with the person holding that title in the future.
  • Set measurable goals for yourself. You’ve probably heard of the S.M.A.R.T. goals acronym. If not, S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that are specific, measurable, relevant and time-oriented. You should set some smaller S.M.A.R.T. goals and some larger ones for your first 90 days on the job. Having these in front of you will help you stay focused and working toward results.
  • Seek out opportunities for a big win. Having a “big win” in your first 90 days will really help you earn the respect of your colleagues. Look for places where you can use your expertise to create a big impact on a high-visibility project.
  • Accept that you don’t have to know it all after 90 days. Like we mentioned previously, your first 90 days will likely be spent learning. You may feel like you’re drinking from a firehose, and that is pretty much normal. Remember, the first 90 days are just the stepping stones for the rest of your career. Just work hard and do your best and you’ll surely make a positive impact.

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