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Guest Post: Rent vs. Buy

Maggie Allison
When my husband and I moved to Columbus in 2008, we did what most 20 year olds did. We found an apartment that would suit our needs, keep us close to school and work, and gave us the freedom that we didn’t get growing up in the town of Farmland, in Randolph County, Indiana. Why we were so excited to “adult” and pay bills, I’ll never know. So, we moved into Apartment E3, paying $725 per month. This did not include utilities, like water and electric. After about 15 months of paying our rent, we had THE conversation. We asked each other, “why are we renting? should we buy a home instead?” At this point, we were 21, and I thought to myself, “people don’t purchase homes when they’re 21! This isn’t normal!” The truth is, people of all ages choose to rent, and people of all ages choose to buy. Some choose to rent for the convenience, or because they think that’s the “normal” thing to do, or because they’re potentially only living in an area for a short amount of time, or most commonly, because they’re scared of buying a home. We all fear things we don’t know or understand – that’s normal. However, the process of purchasing a home, whether it be a starter home, or a retirement home, doesn’t have to be an experience is scary. I can help! My husband and I purchased our first home in February 2010. Our payment was $705 per month, with an interest rate of 5.25% (rates are much lower now!). Our total monthly payment included principle and interest, property taxes, Private Mortgage Insurance, and homeowners insurance. In the end, we were paying $20 less per month for the home we owned than the one we rented, and we were finally getting something out of making nearly the same payment every month. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a new home, refinancing an existing home, downsizing, or upsizing, let’s talk! Feel free to email or call me at 812-314-0228.

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