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Protecting Your Account: Debit Card Fraud

Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking

Debit cards are a valuable financial tool. Unfortunately, in rare instances, fraud can cause hassles for cardholders. Fraud occurs when a criminal gains access to your debit card information to make unauthorized purchases from your account. While Centra debit cardholders are not typically liable for fraudulent debits from their account, you can avoid the hassle of disputing unauthorized transactions by following these tips.

Be Careful Who You Trust: When making online or phone purchases, avoid giving out your debit card information to a site or store you don’t trust. Ensure you’re on a secure site or talking to a reputable company.

Go Paperless: I realize it does take some time and planning, but remember to check your bank account regularly to monitor for fake activity. Online/mobile banking is a great way to keep tabs on your account anytime, anywhere. If online/mobile banking is intimidating for you, then think about using CentraPhone. CentraPhone is another secure way to access your account information 24/7 via phone.

Get Centra eLerts: In addition to checking your balance and recent transactions online, you can sign up for Centra account alerts, or eLerts. Centra will contact you by email or text message when certain activity occurs on your account, such as a withdrawal exceeding an amount you specify. Early notification of suspicious activity can help prevent further debit card fraud.

Protect Yourself by Protecting Your Online/Mobile Devices: Use firewall and anti-spyware software on your computer and keep it updated regularly to ensure your computer stays current with website specific security patches.. Use a secure network. Don’t do financial transactions online when using your computer in a public place.

Be Aware of Skimmers: In July 2015, law enforcement officers in Scott County discovered a scam affecting at least one gas station in Scottsburg, IN. Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain says scammers opened up the gas pumps and attached an electronic device, called a skimmer, to the card reader. Later, they came back to pull the device and collect the data. Be aware of devices like these and look for anything out of the ordinary before swiping your debit card.

Debit card technology continues to become more secure. EMV chip cards make it nearly impossible for scammers to create a counterfeit card. Look for your new chip-enhanced debit card from Centra in the next few months. Have more questions about debit card fraud? Contact us.

By: Megan Keller, Member Service Representative in Seymour

More about Megan:  I open accounts. I chat with members. I do consumer lending. I’m a wife and mother of 4.

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