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Choosing the Right Remodel

Choosing the right remodel
Choosing the right remodel

Maybe you’ve been staring at your home’s pastel pink shower tiles, longing for the day they can be torn out and replaced with something more modern. Maybe you’re eyeing the unused attic and planning for the day it can be converted into better space. But before you break out the crow bar and sledge hammer, make sure the project you’re starting will end up paying off. Here’s a look at some of the best and worst remodeling projects for increasing your home’s resale value according to the Cost vs. Value Report*.

Best Return REV

Best ReturnAverage CostAverage ReturnPercentage Return
Steel Entry Door Replacement$1,255$1,07386.3%
Garage Door Replacement$1,610$1,34183.3%
Manufactured Stone Veneer$7,189$5,82281%
Vinyl Window Replacement$10,448$7,76174.3%
Vinyl Siding Replacement$12,236$8,94473.1%

Worst Return REV

Worst ReturnAverage CostAverage ReturnPercentage Return
Home Office Remodel$29,468$11,79240%
Sunroom Addition$76,677$34,17544.6%
Bathroom Addition$40,392$20,39250.5%
Backup Power Generator$12,240$6,21550.8%
Master Suite Addition$112,684$60,29153.5%

Keep in mind, the true value of your remodel depends on your family’s needs and personal situation. Contact Centra to help you get started on your dream home remodel today. Home equity loans are a great low-cost way to fund your home’s upgrades.

*To view the full report and see where your potential projects land, visit

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